Win-Win: Clear the Clutter While Helping Others Get Basic Necessities

Every day when I walk my dog, I pass by a donation box outside a dusty old liquor store. It’s been there as long as I can remember. When you start looking around, you’ll see these big metal boxes all around town. They’re never too far.

And while it’s great to donate clothes, shoes, towels, or toys you can’t use or wear any more, there’s another benefit for you: clearing clutter improves your mental clarity.

donate old clothes

Believe it: this faded old box holds the key to a clearer mind AND helps others

I’ll explain why it might be time to grab some plastic bags and schedule a date with your closet!

Donate old clothes to boost your happiness

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Big Help, Free

Adopting or Fostering a Pet Can Change Your World

Recently, I had the good fortune to keep a sweet, intelligent, playful, and curious street dog named Frankie for a week. The experience was completely transformative.

I adopted another rescue dog nearly 8 years ago. And still have him to this day. I used to think it wouldn’t do much to house a dog for only a week. But it helped all the volunteers behind The Street Dog Project, based in Dallas.

I also wasn’t prepared for how much the experience would change me. I’m grateful for the time I got to spend with this sweetheart.

adopt foster pet

Adopting a dog (or any pet) makes a difference, even if only for a short time

Here’s more about my experience adopting and fostering dogs. And why you should consider it!

Adopt or foster a pet

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